Man beats robot at ping pong whilst robot smashes Rubik’s Cube record.


It’s mankind 1 robots 1 in the man v machines battle for supremacy.

Last month we reported the exhibition table tennis match between ping pong ace Timo Boll and Kuka’s Agilus robotic arm. The outcome, as some might have expected was a win to mankind.

Agilus did take an early lead, but it seems man’s superior knowledge of the finer points of ping pong sets us apart from the robots, for now. Here’s an edited video of the match. Well done Timo!

Meanwhile an immediate response from the machines has come from Cubestormer 3 a robot constructed from a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and some Lego. Created by David Gilday, a principal engineer at ARM and Mike Dobson, a security systems engineer for Securi-Plex, Cubestormer 3 has smashed humankind’s Rubik’s Cube record by a clear 2 seconds, besting the previous Cubestormer 2 robotic record attempt.

The Current human world Rubik’s Cube record holder Mats Valk posted a 5.55 second time to unravel a randomly mixed-up Cube with Cubestormer 3 finishing up in 3.253 seconds. Valk will have his chance to respond to his mechanical thrashing at this years World Cube championships in Roskilde, Denmark but the challenge looks like a tall order. Check out Cubestormer in action below, it’s very impressive stuff.