Classic action RPG Gauntlet to get a PC reboot.


Warner Bros Interactive entertainment announce a new modernised version of Gauntlet for PC will be out this Summer.

Roll-back to 1985 and the seminal classic Gauntlet was one of the must play games in the arcade. Housed in a giant arcade machine adapted to accommodate 4 player co-op Gauntlet was quite literally huge.

The archetypal top-down dungeon crawler, Gauntlet pitted the Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf and Wizard against waves of grunts, lobbers, ghosts, thieves and other dungeon nasties that would swarm in and attempt to take you down before you could reach the level exit. On the way you could collect keys, treasure, food and magic potions; the essential items for any self-respecting dungeon crawler since.

Gauntlet will lead Warner Bros new WB games Vault, a series of direct to digital makeovers for much-loved retro games. The Gauntlet revamp will be available to download on Steam and will offer full support for SteamOS and the new Steam Machines set for release later this year. In keeping with the original, the game will support local and online multiplayer team-ups.

And so it is written that Gauntlet shall once again test the mettle of a generation of gallant heros. Sadly it looks as if the old-school synthesised narrator voice will not be included in the new game, but it is looking nice and smooth and there does appear to be added boss fights. Check out the trailer below…’Warrior is about to die’

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