Wildstar: Sci-Fi MMORPG for PC pre-order and release dates announced.

wildstar screen

Carbine Studios’ much anticipated MMORPG is officially due for release on 3rd June with pre-orders available from 19th March.

The game that some are touting as World of Warcraft 2.0 will be going live this summer For MMORPG veterans and newbies alike, Wildstar offers an entertaining take on the genre with some inventive new gameplay.

Travel to Nexus; a planet abandoned by a superior alien mystery-race known as the Eldan and join in with thousands of pioneering settlers seeking to uncover technology the Eldan have left behind.

Wildstar brings in elements from platformers with double-jumping, dashing and sprinting movement abilities and platform style jumping challenges. The combat system telegraphs attacks, giving players the chance to dodge damage, making battles more frenetic compared to static casting mechanics common to many MMORPGs

Eight playable races are split into opposing Exile and Dominion factions and PVP is integrated into the game from opportunistic open-world battles right up to 40 v 40 Warplot events.

The game has a knowing sense of humour which combined with the WoW-esque stylised graphics gives a lively appeal in contrast to stuffy, high-fantasy Dungeons & Dragons derivatives.

In-game housing allows players to gain rest experience too, standing to make Wildstar less of a life-sink MMORPG compared to some.

If you’re interested you can pre-order your copy from 19th March.

Pre-ordering will get you access to early closed and open beta events and the following sweeteners:

  • Early game access beginning Saturday 31st May (three days prior to the game’s official launch).

  • An exclusive Rocket House.

  • A mini-ship housing decoration, which grants players additional rest experience points.

  • A 10-slot storage bag to increase character inventory.

  • The opportunity to reserve character and guild names prior to launch

You can pre-order either the Standard Edition which gives you the game, 30 days of play time and an Eldan item for your house or splash out an additional £15 for the Deluxe Edition to get your hands on some extra goodies, including an Eldan hoverboard.

WIldstar has seen 1.4 million beta sign-ups already and looks set to be a huge new MMORPG title in 2014 and one that certainly stands out from the crowd.

Here’s the pre-order trailer, check it out. Well worth a go don’t you think?

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