Murdered: Soul Suspect preview screenshots

Murdered Screen 9

Up for playing dead? In Murdered: Soul Suspect you can play as a ghost. We’ve picked out some preview screenshots to give an idea of what that looks like.

It’s a title stirring our Interests at HITC. Murdered: Soul Suspect places you in a dead man’s shoes as you piece together the mystery of your own murder. The limbo world you’ll get to inhabit looks to be well realised. Sparse tones paint a fitting twilight and game protagonist, Ronan O'Connor gets a convincing ghostly transparency with some smooth looking rendering. Check out the preview screens below.

Murdered screen 1

 The moment of realisation 

Murdered Screen 2

Spooky symbols 

Murdered Screen 3

Ghost to ghost

Murdered sceen 4

This book was ghost written

Murdered screen 5


Murdered Screen 6

 Passing through people 

Murdered screen 7

 Ghost sleuthing 


Pretty spooky looking stuff. Murdered:Soul Suspect will be on sale from 6th June and will be coming to Ps3, Ps4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Is this a title you're thinking of picking up?


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