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Leeds fans criticise McDermott in annual review: 'Totally mediocre'

Leeds United fans have been reviewing the former Reading manager's first year in charge at the club, with many supporters painting a negative picture.

If there was one club in the Football League who wishes it could be 2013 again, it is probably Leeds United and in particular Brian McDermott.

The past three-months have been absolute chaos at Elland Road, and with takeover talk dominating the club's focus, results on the pitch have been dealt a huge blow.

Since Leeds won at Doncaster on the 14th December, exactly three-months to the day, it has been complication, after complication and poor result, after poor result.

The Whites have gone on to lose eight out of their last 15 games, drawing five and winning just twice. Ironically, in their win against Huddersfield Town on the first of February, McDermott wasn't even technically their manager after losing his job for a number of hours on deadline day.

At the time there were clearly frustrations over the manager's sacking and elation when it was announced he would be reinstalled in his role as Leeds United manager, less than 24-hours after it was announced he had been sacked.

However, skip to the present day and the supporter's reviews of McDermott are far-and-away from the cries of support he got just a couple of months ago.

We've taken a snippet of the hundreds of views as posted on an online Leeds United supporters forum giving an overview of thoughts:

The initial post..

'What has Brian done in the 12 months he has been our Manager that has warranted so much favour from so many of our fans, I agree he he very honest & truthfull,likeable & genuine but what else has he achieved that make you admire him so much ?'

The responses..

'Totally mediocre.

'He did get us out of a mess last year - but that could have been just the "new manager" effect, which happens often enough.

'Has got the best out of a couple of players, but not getting much out of a lot others who are quite capable of better. Seems unclear as to whether he has a preference in formation, style of play or any other tactics. I'm not convinced he knows what he's trying to achieve or how to go about it. Seems unable to keep himself or his players focused on the job at hand and has allowed the off-field issues to affect everyone's thinking.

'As a general strategist and potential Director of Football type person, I think he could have potential.

'As a managet/coach/tactician... meh.

'I like the man in general, and his integrity, but that isn't enough.'


'1) He saved us from relegation last year
2) He helped (in part) bring bigger crowds back to ER this season
3) Matt Smith is a good signing, Murphy has the potential to be a good player
4) He's getting the best out of Ross McCormack
5) He refuses to give up on this club when many other managers would have and have been broken by the lack of investment in the playing staff and constant takeovers and confusion in the boardroom'


'two weeks ago i'd have said "right man, wrong time"

'today i'd say "wrong man, wrong time, bye Brian"

'another thing you can't take from him though is his integrity, he's a genuine man. One thing that I keep noticing though is that he keeps talking about Reading.. he's like a hurt lover that's just been dumped by his first love... I think a few more months out of the game would have done him the world of good.

'cheers Brian, you've got a fantastic career ahead of you, but you're just not my type... it's me, not you.'


'He's certainly not as good as I thought he was six months ago. For too long we have looked unorganised and uninspired, we have no style or philosophy of play on the pitch. We just do whatever we feel like on the day and that's a major problem. His team selections are often baffling and his use of subs is almost as bad as Warnock's last year. I think he relies too much on trying to create a team spirit to carry us through difficult periods and grind out results. It was his major success at Reading but it just hasn't worked here for many reasons, main one being we aren't Reading. Without that unity that we had earlier in the season he's started to appear pretty clueless.'


'I'd suggest the budget/takeover is a red herring. Tell him to go an manage someone like Rotherham or Yeovil and then complain about having nothing to spend.

'He's got a highly paid squad, many of whom have represented their country at some level, and has now brought in a keeper, two centre backs, a midfielder, three wingers and two strikers of his own choosing. That is the full spine of the team and then some.'


'Had his "15 mins of fame" with Reading and was soon found out when in the Premiership. Where he is now i.e. a mid table Championship Manager, is his real level and the highest he'll ever be from now on. Once he leaves Leeds he will have one more crack at possibly a lower end Championship side before then disappearing into obscurity.'

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