New trophy set up for grabs on PlayStation Home

If you’re a PS3 gamer struggling to up your trophy hoard then head over to PlayStation Home, they’re practically giving them away.

We logged into PlayStation Home last night to check them out. Sadly there’s no platinum trophy on offer but the set itself is pretty straightforward and we got a fair few of them just for logging in.

Within an hour we’d completed a large majority of the set which includes trophies awarded for dancing with your avatar, changing your outfit and visiting a friends apartment.

The only new trophy approaching anything like a grind is a singular gold trophy awarded for visiting PlayStation’s Second Life style gamers hangout on fifty separate occasions.

Of course if you want to pimp out your pad or your avatar with items outside of the haul of freebies you accumulate then you’ll still need to part with your cash.

Whilst there’s no plans as yet for PS4 players to get their own PlayStation Home, development will reportedly continue for North American and European Home servers with Asia no longer set to receive updates.

Go here for the full trophy list or log in to PlayStation Home to check them out

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