Former Liverpool player says Suarez is dispensable ... really?

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Former Liverpool midfielder Didi Hamann insists the Reds now have the quality and financial power to cope with possible life after the talisman.

Didi Hamann believes Liverpool can manage just fine without Luis Suarez - should the Uruguayan depart in the summer.

The potential extra income from a spot in the Champions League in addition to the new TV money as well as the quality players such as Daniel Sturridge will make the club stronger according to Hamann.

The player turned pundit was unconvinced by Liverpool's refusal to sell the player after the striker's involvement in high profile controversial incidents last season.

However Hamann has seen such an improvement in the Anfield club during the current campaign that were any further issues to arise surrounding Suarez, it would not be the end of the world, far from it.

He told the Irish Independent: "If he had to go I think Liverpool will be fine. They have the financial ammunition now to bring a few players in. I wasn't too sure if they should have kept him" (last year).

"Liverpool is a global brand and he damaged the brand on a number of occasions. There is no doubting his talent and it certainly helped as he started scoring goals.

"At the same time, moving forward, you have to see what will happen. He has played wider a few times and scored 11 goals in eight games when Sturridge was out and since he's come back he scored two. How long is he going to do that?

"Yes, he is playing for the team and the team is winning but the centre-forward has to score goals. He probably kept them up there when Sturridge was out but don't forget they played okay when he (Suarez) was out. I think they got 13 points from five games when he was suspended. Brendan (Rodgers) has a job on his hands to keep them all happy."

While these comments are hardly surprising given Hamman's often provocative remarks for those who have listened to Talksport it is still quite a bold statement to make.

As has been the case with Tottenham, a team that too is trying to make it in the top four, it is never wise to lose your best players in the long run.

Those same players arguably not only improve the performance level of their teammates but unquestionably attract a higher caliber of player to the club. With Suarez gone the quality players that Liverpool already have and whom Hamann implies will no doubt ask themselves why such a world class individual would seek to leave and moreover, what it says about the Reds. Certainly rival clubs will only delight in a Suarez-less Liverpool as it ultimately it portrays the club as weak and in weakness those very same rivals will take advantage in the cutthroat and ruthless Premier League landscape. In the light of the ever growing evidence that the Uruguayan is now one of the best players in the world it would be foolhardy for FSG to sanction Suarez's sale.

Meanwhile Hamann is confident Liverpool will book a place in next season's Champions League but feels it will be at least another five years before a winner of the tournament will come from England.

"If you ask me if there will be an English Champions League winner in the next five years, then I'd say no," said Hamann.

"Because it's not only Munich, it's Barcelona, you've got PSG, Real Madrid, even Dortmund without Lewandowski, you've got four or five teams that are better.

"You can always win one as we did in 2005 or Chelsea a couple of years ago – I don't want to say by default – but everything can go your way. But I don't think there's an English team in the best five in the competition.

"Not long ago, you could have made a world XI out of Premier League players. You had Drogba, Makelele, Robben, Henry, Keane, Stam, Van Nistelrooy.

"England had the 'golden' generation even though they're probably only 'silver' because they never did it in a tournament. On top of that, the foreigners were better. There's some good players coming through now but the foreigners aren't as good and this is why they don't compete in the Champions League."

Do you agree that Liverpool can cope without Luis Suarez?

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