The day my mum 'had a go' at Bob Crow

Bob Crow

I've never agreed with Bob Crow's politics, and was certainly not a supporter of his attempts to grind London to a halt in order to improve his union's negotiating position. I am, however, saddened by his death.

I met Bob Crow in a pub / restaurant not too long ago. He was with his partner and (I presume) a couple of his children. They sat at the next table.

I looked over and recognised Crow's face, but couldn't quite place him. It was my sister who identified the leader of the Rail Maritime and Transport Union.

'Oh', said my (then) 78-year-old mother, who was standing in the queue for the Carvery. 'You're Bob Crow! I don't like you! You're my enemy, you are!'.

'That's a shame', Crow replied, 'I was going to offer to buy you a drink!'.

Crow had been in the news that week, as industrial action was planned on the Tube a few days later. 

'You be a good boy, Bob', my mother continued, pointing her finger over at the union boss. 'Don't you bring those people out on strike. Be a good boy now, Bob!'.

Although Crow was now uncomfortably the centre of attention, he smiled and remained seated, graciously taking it on the chin.

A little later, I came across Crow outside in the car park. 'Sorry about my mum, Bob', I said. 'She don't mean anything'.

'She's alright', he said. 'Nothing wrong with her. No problem'.

The thing is, we only saw the public side of Bob Crow - a man vilified by many for trying to do the best for his members. But he was really just a normal bloke, and his family and many friends will be mourning the loss of that normal bloke right now. 

I didn't agree with most of the things you said or did, Bob, but I think you were 'alright' too. 



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