Earth Defense Force 2025 new DLC available!

Earth Defense Force DLC Screen 5

If you're not done with squishing the biggest bugs imaginable, then the new DLC will keep you satisfied!

New DLC is now available over on the Playstation Network and Microsoft Market Place for Earth Defense Force 2025. In the new DLC you will continue to stomp bugs, dragons, and huge robots, and we've detailed what you can expect below:

Mutant Rampage – 20 new mayhem filled missions where players will have to take on more massive dragons, robots and, of course, BUGS!

Beyond Despair – 20 new missions where the player will have to exterminate the dreaded Ravagers!

Take a look at some more nightmare-inducing screenshots of giant bugs, dragons, and robots from the DLC below!

Earth Defense Force DLC Screen 4Spiders... why do I do this to myself? :(

Earth Defense Force DLC Screen 3You're gonna need bigger fly-swatters for those things!

Earth Defense Force DLC Screen 2Mix it up - destroy some robots instead!

Earth Defense Force DLC Screen 1Let's try to drive the giant wasps towards the giant extractor fans!

Have you played Earth Defense Force 2025? Will you be picking up the DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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