WoW movie: Dominic Cooper under pressure to get it right

Need For Speed and Fleming star reveals his worries about living up to demanding fans' expectations.

Dominic Cooper has said that starring in the Duncan Jones directed World of Warcraft film is intimidating due to its massive and demanding fan-base.

Speaking to CVG, he compared his upcoming World of Warcraft role to his more recent videogame adaptation, Need For Speed, saying the former came with “quite a lot of pressure”.

Fan involvement in the online community, which at it's peak hit over 12 million active subscribers, comes with a lot of emotional investment, he explained.

“What that means is there have been people creating that world for many years and it's got a very specific look, and the characters within that, people have already made their minds up about who they are and what they mean to them” Cooper commented.

"So that's quite a lot of pressure, in that you feel obligated to give the people who have spent the majority of their life playing it what they expect for it."

The adaptation of the world's most popular MMO has had a bumpy ride on the road to production, with much fanfare being made around the original choice for director, Spider-Man maker Sam Raimi, who then bowed out saying Blizzard soured the deal.

Blizzard later rebounded from this by taking on critically acclaimed Moon director Duncan Jones to take the helm of both filming and scripting the Warcraft film.


image: © SobControllers

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