World of Warcraft’s latest expansion is ready for pre-purchase

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Blizzard’s behemoth MMO has a new expansion due this year, and you can now pre-purchase for a handful of bonuses.

Announced today over on Blizzard’s website, you can now pre-purchase your copy of the latest expansion pack, Warlords of Draenor. And along with your pre-purchase you will receive a character boost to level 90.

The fifth World of Warcraft expansion will see players exploring the land of Draenor, home to the orc and draenei races, before its destruction. There you will meet heroes from the past at the peak of their power and central to the history of Warcraft.

The new expansion includes a ton of new and enhanced features, which are sure to increase the game’s longevity even further. These include:

  • Instant character boost to level 90
  • Increased level cap to 100
  • New land of Draenor, which has seven zones
  • Build your own Garrison – you can construct your own customisable stronghold on Draenor
  • Enhanced character models – whilst keeping the same look of each race, the models will be given a new, and much-needed polish
  • New quests, dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, challenge modes and more

Warlords of Draenor will be available in a Standard Edition, both in physical and digital format, which you can pre-purchase now. There is also a Digital Deluxe Edition available which contains bonuses for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games at the time of pre-purchase:

  • World of Warcraft – Dread Raven Mount and Dread Hatchling Pet
  • StarCraft II – Warchief Portraits (Grommash Hellscream and Blackhand)
  • Diablo III – Warsong Pennant

If you pre-purchase from Blizzard over on their website, you will be able to boost your character to level 90 straight away. A retail-exclusive Collector’s Edition will also be available which includes the digital bonus items from the Digital Deluxe Edition in addition to a full-colour hardcover art book, a behind-the-scenes two-disc Blu-ray/DVD set, a CD soundtrack and a Warlords of Draenor mouse mat. The Collector’s Edition will cost around $89.99 and will only be available from certain outlets.

Have a look at the level 90 boost trailers, along with the expansion trailer below: 

I'm not sure whether a moustache comes as standard when you hit level 90...


Warlords of Draenor is expected for release in Autumn this year (or Fall for our friends across the pond).

Do you play World of Warcraft? Are you looking forward to the latest expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

image: © Blizzard Entertainment

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