Costume Quest 2 is a thing! And Gone Home is coming to consoles!

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Double Fine announce their first sequel, and The Full Bright company bring Gone Home to console gamers!

Indie publisher Midnight City has teamed up with Double Fine Productions to bring us Costume Quest 2, and The Full Bright Company to release Gone Home on consoles. 

Announced today as an actual thing, Costume Quest 2 will be the first sequel to come out of Double Fine Productions and will be available for PC and consoles on release.

Returning to Auburn Pines, Double Fine have brought back Wren and Reynold to fight for Halloween once more! With a wardrobe full of new costumes to wear, transforming them into 'super powered fantasy Hallowarriors.' The game will come equipped with an upgraded battle system and a story that's synonymous with Double Fine.

When talking about Costume Quest 2, Tim Schafer, Creative Director at Double Fine Productions, said, "Whenever Halloween came around, I felt like something was missing. No matter how many pumpkins I carved, apples I bobbed, or candy I ate, it just couldn't fill the big spooky hole inside of me. But then I realized what was missing: I needed more Costume Quest. And also, I really wanted a T-Shirt with glowing skulls on it." We couldn't agree more, Tim!

If you're a fan of grown men eating a literal bucket load of candy, and pumpkin carving, you should definitely check out the announcement trailer below!

Gone Home, the popular PC game, is coming to consoles. After arriving home from a year abroad, you find no family to greet you and the house is empty. From here you must investigate what has happened, and nothing is as it seems.

Talking about being asked when Gone Home would be released for consoles, Steve Gaynor, writer, designer and co-founder of The Fullbright Company said, “We've been looking and looking for the right partner to help us, and finally after much searching, Midnight City fit the bill. They have a great understanding of what an indie needs, how to get the word out about the game, and help us get the best versions of the game possible to all those players that have been waiting patiently to experience Gone Home in their living rooms. Viva la Midnight City!" I for one am glad that indie developers are getting the backing they deserve in order to release their games for everyone to experience, no matter what platform you have to play them on.

I've never played Gone Home, but after watching the trailer below, I need to!

Costume Quest 2 and Gone Home are both due for digital release later this year.

What do you make of this news? Are there any other indie games you'd like to see having a broader platform release? Let us know in the comments below!

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