Five Questions in Five Minutes: Drake & Morgan Executive Chef Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell

The Drake & Morgan portfolio of bars (The Refinery, Folly, Parlour, Anthologist and, most recently, Happenstance), have made the drinking and eating scene in our favourite city better.

Ahead of the launch of their latest venue, the Fable in Farringdon, I caught up with Executive Chef Rob Mitchell to find out what keeps this bar group cooking.

So executive chef, huh. Does that mean that you don’t do any cooking anymore?

Well, not as much as I would like! My role dictates that I not only work with the 80 chefs and kitchen porters that service our restaurants and bars, but also I need to be able to communicate upwards to the senior management team, and formulate business plans with the sales and marketing teams. Good communication is the key with this job, upwards and downwards. Most of my cooking now comes with the planning of new menus, specials and promotions for the year.

I’ve been to, and eaten at, all of your venues to date. What is going to be different about what you’re offering at the Fable?

The offering at the bar is one of our main focuses, sharing boards and ‘picking’ food to keep the drinkers going throughout the day and evening occasions. We have also adapted our a la carte menu slightly for the area, with our burgers now coming with the option of lobster inside (a Reef and Beef Burger), and a venture into pies using the meat market next door as our inspiration to change the offering. There will also be a new brunch menu with hearty comfort food dishes, including London Borough Market breakfast, ultimate fully loaded, or American style waffles with maple syrup, bacon and berries. Guests can also mix and muddle their own breakfast cocktails at the Juiceology Bar.

Do people come to your places specifically to eat? Or is it more about drinking with food as an afterthought?

We are a food-led operator but we have some very large bar areas that we make interesting with our mixologists in separate areas, as wells as DJs setting the scene and flambé from the chef wafting over from the restaurant area.

What are your favourite restaurants in London? Outside of your own places, of course!

I personally love to be treated to Club Gascoigne, or Aqua in the Shard to relax and enjoy the view.

And finally, when are we going to see you on Masterchef – the professionals?

I don’t have the time, my life is so full at the moment, with a great company that is growing in size every year, and an amazing home life with my wife. There aren’t enough hours in the day!

Thank you Rob. Good luck with the new opening.

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