Upcoming Xbox One Games 2014 (Part Four)

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Part four of our upcoming Xbox One games of 2014 takes a look at an Xbox One exclusive, and some guy called Max, who’s mad, apparently.

OK so this part has a few titles that are yet to be given official release dates, but we’re hopeful they’ll at least see a 2014 release. If Xbox One is lacking games right now, come the end of this year we won’t know what to do with ourselves for we'll be swimming in games. Let’s take a look!

Dying Light – TBA 2014

We’ve previously shown you the Dying Light Humanity Trailer, and the game, without a doubt, looks good. Zombies, free-running, survival - they’re all in there, but let’s hope that this will freshen up the already over-saturated zombie game genre.

Mad Max – TBA 2014

Based on the movies of the same name, and set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, you will play as Mad Max. Your Interceptor has been stolen, so you find yourself teaming up with a mechanic name Chumbucket, amongst others, to build the ultimate war vehicle to escape the Wasteland. Games of movies are usually rushed, to tie-in with the release of the movie, but seeing as this is a standalone title, perhaps we can expect better quality. Fingers crossed.

Sunset Overdrive – TBA 2014

A wacky and refreshing take on first-person shooters. You’ll be slaying mutants in an open-world setting, traversing buildings like they’re nothing but brick-laden climbing frames, and all in an ever-changing world. Players will be able to publish their own weapons, clothes, challenges and more into the world for others to play with. Have a look at the E3 trailer below and let us know what you think.

Watch Dogs – Spring 2014

Set in an alternate-Chicago, this third-person sandbox game will see you hacking into the city’s Central Operating System (ctOS) in order to complete your objectives. The ctOS is the network that links most of Chicago’s technology and information, which includes all resident’s data. As Aiden Pearce, an adept hacker, you will be able to manipulate the ctOS to your advantage; having trouble escaping the police? Operate the traffic lights to command the flow of cars, aiding in your escape. Or maybe you need to hack some security cameras for a better view on your objective? Go for it! Take a look at the 14 minute gameplay demo below, which shows some of the features the game has to offer.

Destiny – 9 September 2014 Worldwide

Bungie, the creators of the Halo series, have gone all Borderlands on us… weapons-wise at least… hoorah! Set in a ‘mysterious future’, say the developers, Destiny will have you defending the last safe city on Earth against its enemies. Explore the solar system with your friends, customise the way you want to look and fight, all whilst picking up epic loot! If you pre-order you will get access to the beta this summer. The gameplay video below will give you an overview on what you can expect in September – enjoy.

OK, so that’s part four. Check out the previous parts to this series here: one, two and three. And, no, we’re not done yet – there’s still one final part to go, which you can feast your eyeballs on before the week is up.

Any of the above titles got you hot under the collar? Are you yet to buy and Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below?

image: © Microsoft

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