Upcoming Xbox One Games 2014 (Part Five)

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In the final part of our upcoming Xbox One games, we travel back to Middle-Earth, and treat you to some Tom Clancy action.

We’re here, the final part of our Xbox One feature. If you thought there weren’t many games for the Xbox One before we started, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice now. So, let’s round-off our final few games to look out for in 2014

Tom Clancy’s The Division – TBA 2014

Set in New York City, following a pandemic that has brought the city to its knees, you play an agent of The Division. As one of these agents you normally live amongst everyone else, but when society is on the brink of collapse, you are called into action to restore order. The game is an online open-world RPG, where you will be able to team up in co-op or go head to head in PVP. Check out the gameplay trailer below to see what it’s all about.

Final Fantasy XV – TBA 2014

Originally called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the title was changed due to the development expanding and moving to take advantage of the next-gen consoles. We’re assured that the main concept, world and story are being developed as originally intended however, but the developers have improved the gameplay and graphic quality to match the next-gen technology. The developers have described the story, saying, “Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades are cast out of their homes and into the fray when the armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon their homeland, the Kingdom of Lucis.” You can view the latest trailer below.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - TBA

Although a release date is yet to be announced, I think it’s highly likely we’ll see it this year. Either way, it’s another game to look forward to. In the game you play as Talion, a ranger whose family is killed on the same night that Sauron returns to Mordor, and who is also killed himself. A Spirit of vengeance resurrects Talion, giving him Wraith abilities, and he then sets off for Mordor to destroy those who have wronged him. Take a look at the gameplay walkthrough below.

Halo – TBA 2014

As the franchise that helped kick start the original Xbox back in 2001, a Halo title was inevitably going to be announced for this generation. Unfortunately very little is currently known, and a release date is yet to be announced. In the meantime however, why not enjoy the E3 2013 trailer screenshots below.

Halo 5 Trailer Shot 1


Halo 5 Trailer Shot 2


Halo 5 Trailer Shot 3


Halo 5 Trailer Shot 4


That wraps it up. Those are our top upcoming Xbox One games to look out for this year. It’s certainly not going to be dull a 2014, and we’re looking forward to the many games we’ve yet to hear about. Although there are a lot of cross-platform games coming out, we will eventually be letting you know of the top Playstation 4 games for this year, so keep an eye out. If you haven't seen the previous parts to this series, you can check them our here: Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four.

What is your most anticipated game for Xbox One? Have you already pre-ordered some of the games we’ve featured? Let us know in the comments below!

image: © Microsoft

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