South Park maker speaks out on game censorship


Matt Stone comments on Ubisoft’s decision to edit out controversial sections of the game.

South Park co-creator Matt Stone has shared his thoughts on the censorship that saw scenes from the recently released Stick of Truth being edited out of the EU and Australian editions fo the game.

Speaking to the Guardian, he explains that he and his cohort Trey Parker decided to be up front about the censorship and replace the scenes with a message describing what was being edited out.

“We just put in little black cards explaining what has happened. It's not that big a deal. It doesn't change things that much, but we weren't going to change the game downwards somewhere and just not tell anybody. You'll see how ridiculous that is,” he commented.

“We weren't willing to change the content, but also it doesn't ruin the game – it's like 40 seconds' worth of the whole game. As long as we could make a joke out of the fact that they made us cut this, that was fine.”

Stone did complain about what he saw a “double standard”, speculating that the content would have easily made it past the censors if it were in the TV show rather than the videogame.

“There is an interactiveness that makes it different,” he added.

“There are things that make people more uncomfortable in an interactive world, definitely. But that said, what we had in the game, we could have shown that on TV pretty easily, especially now.”

image: © Comedy Partners

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