Android owners get a Humble Bundle pack

Zombie Gunship

Another week, another Humble Bundle and this time there are up to six games for Android devices up for grabs!

Android fans rejoice for you have a bundle of humbling proportions that await you and you might just want to grab it over the next few days as you can choose how much you pay for four of them. If you pay over the average of $3.66 you get to unlock two more games as well.

That's six games are available at Humble Bundle for the bargain price of less than an average pint of beer (unless its happy hour where it might be on par).

Now, if that makes you feel good then get this, a percentage of the money you pay goes to the designated charities and organisations which are the non-profit Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play charity.

So what do you get for your money, well if you pay below the average then you get four games these are:

  • Catan - Strategy board game
  • Vector - A free running parkour style game
  • Riptide GP2 - An arcade hydro jet racing game
  • Zombie Gunship - Shoot hordes of Zombies from your AC-130 gunship

As mentioned if you pay over the average then you'll also get:

  • Badlands - A side scrolling platform game with all in-app purchases unlocked
  • Breach and Clear - A squad based tactical shooter with all mission packs unlocked

At time of press nearly 90,000 Bundles have been downloaded and there's only 11 days left until its gone...forever so its definitely worth a try at these prices so go get it and enjoy some Humble Bundle gaming on the go. Check out the official trailer to see why its so popular:


image: © Limbic Software Inc,

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