Tango PC: The smartphone sized PC that packs a punch

A tiny smartphone sized PC that runs just like its larger PC and laptop cousins is receiving a lot of funding on indiegogo and could be out soon.

The crowd sourcing site indiegogo has another interesting piece of tech that’s looking for and receiving funding and this tiny PC called the Tango has caught our eye as it has received triple the stated funding requirement already and looks likely that it will be out soon.

The PC in question is designed to give consumers a one device fits all tag. It’s the size of a smartphone yet it’s a full laptop strength PC which runs Windows 7/8, Ubuntu or Chromium.

The initial device is power by a quad core AMD A6 processor running at 2Ghz and has up to 8GB of RAM. Storage is provided by solid state hard disk with storage options up to 512GB. The device packs a powerful punch for such a small device which measures less than 125mm x 80mm.

The developers say the tiny one device fits all PC is there to provide both a solution for offices and homes and can replace a myriad of existing technology that might be cluttering up the home such as games consoles, traditional PC’s and set top boxes for TV, instead all you need are small docking stations that take over the roles of these devices which the developers have promised will be inexpensive.

Check out the video below to get a more detailed overview of the Tango.

image: © jakub

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