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Fulham's Holtby outshone by his former Bruschweg Boy teammate

Lewis Holtby

Andre Schürrle and Lewis Holtby, former team mates from Mainz, met again in the Premier League, but this time only one of them starred.

September 25th 2010: Bayern played at home against Mainz 05 and lost 1-2. It was the sixth victory in a row for Mainz at the beginning of a stunning season. At the end of the season the team, which had always fought against being relegated to the second division, ended in fifth place and qualified for the European League.

The key players of this young team were Adam Szalai, Andre Schürrle and Lewis Holtby. In that season the three of them celebrated most of their goals in the same way: Schürrle playing air guitar with the corner flag, Szalai playing the drums with his shoes and Holtby imitating a singer.

The media soon started to call them the Bruchweg Boys, a mixture of the name of the stadium where Mainz plays, Stadion am Bruchweg, and their choreography which reminded people of a boy band.

March 1st 2013: Two of the Bruchweg Boys met again, but this time in the Premier League match between Fulham and Chelsea. Schürrle is a starter for Chelsea and contributes all three goals to their 3-1 victory. Holtby, who is just six weeks older than his former team mate, is a substitute for Fulham and comes in after 62 minutes.

Schürrle is first in the table with Chelsea and will probably go with Germany to the World Cup this year, whereas Holtby struggles to be a starter for the currently last team in the table in the Premier League. Most likely he will watch the World Cup at home on tv.

Why did their careers take so different directions?

Actually at the beginning the two players seemed to make a similar career boost. Both left Mainz to Bundesliga clubs that regularly qualified for international competitions. Holtby went back again to Schalke and also became a key player there, while Schürrle joined Leverkusen where he managed to develop to a top striker.

Another similarity in their careers was that they then moved to ambitious Premier League clubs. Holtby joined Tottenham and Schürrle Chelsea, but both of them first had difficulties to get used to the new style of football sin England. Holtby went then to Fulham on loan, whereas Chelsea’s Coach Mourinho started to trust Schürrle every time a little bit more and today he paid him back with his three goals.

Who knows, maybe we see him soon celebrating his goals by playing air guitar with the corner flag again, only this time accompanied by John Terry playing the drums with his shoes and a singing Eden Hazard. Even though that’s not very likely to happen, it’s still good to know that at least one of the Bruchweg Boys is doing pretty well in his career right now.

image: © xtranews

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