Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in next Terminator movie

Filming is scheduled to start next month and will be out in summer 2015.

Well, after a few years in the wilderness since Terminator Salvation rebooted one of the most popular film franchises ever the fifth Terminator film which is known as Terminator: Genesis is going to start shooting in April and a release is scheduled for the weekend July 4th 2015 in North America and this time Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back… again!

Whilst there is not much in the way of plot to tell you about yet, there are lots of rumours going around at present which all sound good in their own way. One thing that is looking likely is that the the film looks like it will include time travel again as Sarah Connor will be in the film with Arnie set to reprise is role as a T-800 Terminator again. John Connors father Kyle Reese is also said to be in the film too. had a Q&A with the man himself at last weekends Arnold Sports Festival and when asked about the movie this is what he had to say;

‘We start filming in the middle or in the end of April and it will be a four or four-and-a-half month long shoot. We will be filming it in New Orleans with some of it in San Francisco and maybe a little of it in LA but most of it will be done in New Orleans. I'm really looking forward to that because as you know, the last time when they did the Terminator, it was when I was Governor and so I couldn't be in that movie but now I'm back again and they are very excited about having me in the film.’ 

As you might remember only Arnold Schwarzenegger’s likeness was used in a CGI scene in Terminator Salvation due to him being the Governor of California so it will be great to see him return in what is sure to be a big budget action packed continuation of the series that fans have been patiently waiting to see happen.

We’ll bring you more news on this as soon as we hear it.

image: © Ewen Roberts

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