Sale fears hold back gay protagonists, says Far Cry 3 writer.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Man behind popular Blood Dragon DLC praises advances in gaming diversity but laments shot falls.

Videogames may not see gay protagonists for some time as fears that such as move could harm sales linger, admits Lucien Soulban, a lead writer at Ubisoft Montreal.

During an interview on the Ubisoft Blog, the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon writer believes that an openly gay protagonist is unlikely but that a “bait-and-switch” reveal could be on the table.

“Like the original Metroid with Samus Aran where we’ll find out damn near after the fact (PS: And Dumbledore was gay), or it’ll come out of left field with Rockstar, Valve, Naughty Dog or Telltale, perhaps,” he explained, adding: “But when it happens, I hope it’s a serious take on it and not played up for jokes.”

However, the writer believed that diversity in the supporting cast of videogames has improved somwhat, especially given RPGs that allow you to shape your character’s sexual preference.

“Look at the choices offered in Mass Effect II & III, or Fable III, or Dragon Age II or Skyrim, the gay characters in Borderlands 2 who mention it without much fanfare, etc. Videogames have stopped ‘announcing’ gay characters,” commented Soulban.

“ They’re introducing them without much fanfare in an effort to say, Yeah, it’s there and pretty normal. Call it: ‘We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re busy working.’”


image: © Ubisoft

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