Ten games to try on the Neo-Geo: Part two

Neo Geo AES Console

Here's part two of the game and series to try out on the Neo-Geo advanced entertainment system. SNK's powerhouse 90's super console.

Following on from last weeks first part (check it out here). Here is the second part of some of the best games to try on the Neo-Geo Advanced Entertainment System which had a very long official lifespan of 14 years (1990 to 2004). This list is not a review, merely a highlight of what this super powerful machine could do. Read on.

5. King of the Fighters 2003

Here’s a video of the last KoF game to come out on the Neo-Geo. This game takes characters from lots of SNK games and franchises (Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors etc.) and throws them in to teams of three to go head to head with each other. The series is still going strong today and has had regular releases since the first King of the Fighters released in 1994.

4. Metal Slug 3

Released in 2000 this run and gun franchise run and gun is known for three things. The amazingly fluid hand drawn graphics, the relentless action and the challenge of clearing each stage. An absolute masterpiece of a series which has seen releases on every major system since the original Playstation. This game typically sells for around £700 on eBay.

3. Neo Drift Out

There really aren’t too many driving games for the Neo-Geo to choose from, there are four to be precise. However Neo Drift Out is great fun and well worth trying if you get the chance. The isometric style driving game where you beat the clock to get through each stage was also made popular by Kaneko with its Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Mile Rally which came out in arcades in 1995. Neo Drift Out soon followed in the same year.

2. Last Blade 2

Last Blade 2 is regarded by purists as one of the best fighting games that’s ever been created. Last Blade 2 (released in 1998) is a sight to behold. Set in the 17th century feudal Japan the game has an authentic look and feel to it including music from the period, weapons and characters.

1. Samurai Shodown 5 Special

This series started in 1993 and changed beat em ups forever by introducing swords and other weapons into the mix. Set in 18th century Japan this game also has some amazing levels and characters and it was so popular it spawned multiple sequels. Samurai Shodown 5 Special was the last game officially released for the system in 2004. Check out how it looks.

Do you have a favourite Neo-Geo game? Would these games be in your ultimate top 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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