Ten games to try on the Neo-Geo: Part one

Neo Geo Console

We recently featured the iconic Neo-Geo console from the 90's on HITC. Here are some games and series to try if you get the chance.

Following hot on the heels of our overview of SNK’s Neo-Geo (Read it here). We thought it would be fitting to highlight a few of the games and series that really showed off the systems power during its 14 year official lifespan. Let’s have a look at part one.

10. Nam ‘75

Well here it is. This is the first game to come out on the Neo-Geo in 1990 (Serial NGH-001 if you really want to know) and is set in Vietnam in, erm…1975. It’s a shoot em up that has a great gameplay dynamic as when you fire at enemies you can’t move around the playfield and with most Neo-Geo games expect it to get fiendishly difficult in later levels.

9. Last Resort

Last Resort was released in 1992 and plays very similarly to Irem’s R-Type series in that you also have a drone you can fire in multiple directions. The game has so many nice touches from the Akira inspired Neo-Tokyo opening level to a huge T-800 influenced boss. This is definitely a game that shows off the systems graphical prowess and has a great soundtrack to boot. It is difficult and has some annoying restart points (you’ll be seeing many of these) but it is worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

8. Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Fatal Fury)

This is the pinnacle of the series to many fans. The first Fatal Fury game came out in 1991. This is a major franchise for SNK that spawned multiple sequels and Garou: Mark of the Wolves is a prime example of how far the Neo-Geo had come when it came out in 1999.

7. Viewpoint

Released by Sammy in 1992 this isometric shoot em up from Sammy held the title as the most expensive Neo-Geo game at the time which was £220 due to its very limited release. This game looks great but very hard and you will need the reflexes of a ninja to get through it six levels of relentless action. To compensate it does look great and has one of the funkiest soundtracks to go with it too from early 90's rave to calypso lounge vibes.

6. Baseball Stars 2

Not normally a genre to have in lists but this one deserves to be here. Presentation is slick and it has a great vibe about it as do most sports titles on the system. The voice commentary perfectly suits the action and the graphics are vibrant and colourful. It’s a fun game too which is pretty much why it’s here.

Need more Neo-Geo? Check out part two here.

image: © 0xFE @ Wikipedia

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