Samsung’s new gamepad that turns any Android phone into a console

Samsung Android Gamepad

Give your Android gaming experience that retro console feel with Samsung’s Bluetooth gamepad.

There’s plenty of old-school games getting makeovers for mobile devices. Whether you’re playing them for nostalgia purposes or just to get a quick gaming fix, it makes sense to give the whole experience an authentic console feel - if anything it’s going to make it easier.

Fitted with a sizeable clip to accommodate your smartphone, Samsung’s gamepad transmits your frenzied button bashing wirelessly using bluetooth. This is facilitated using the S Console app which also lets you find compatible games through the Google Play Store.

The pad is fitted with the usual array of control features. Two corner triggers, a D-Pad, two analogue sticks, four face buttons, start and select and a central Play button to interface with the S console app, just like the PS button on Sony pads.

The current selection of games supporting Samsung’s gamepad extends beyond the realms of retro, the arcade racer Asphalt 8 and the Sci-Fi horror Dead Space amongst them. While there are only dozens of games available at the moment, should popularity for the pad pick up then we should expect to see more support.

According to Samsung the pad will hold forty hours of battery and it’s compact lightweight design make it handy for gaming on the go. That’s not to say of course you can’t use it at home if you stream games to your TV.

Currently the gamepad is only on sale in Germany and Korea but will be coming to the rest of the world soon. A new one will set you back £50 ($90)

If this is too rich for you then the cheaper Nyko Playpad Pro is currently on the market and supports any Android game.

Given the competition, Samsung may struggle to succeed with their gamepad but there is a definite sense this year that Samsung are trying out as much new tech as possible to see what sticks. Aside from the impending release of their new smartphone, Samsung have aired prototype giant bendy hi-def flat-screens and 3D printers already in 2014.

To see Samsung's pad in action check out the review video below. 



image: © Samsung

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