Oculus Rift production stalled by demand

OculusRift 2

Resources for dev kits run dry as demand catches up with virtual reality machine.

Oculus Rift, the much touted virtual reality headset, has had its production halted as unexpected demand for the devices developer kits has exceeded the maker’s supply.

Speaking to interested gamers via Reddit, Oculus VR explained that manufacture of the prototype device on sale for game developers has been forced into a temporary hiatus as the company looks for more components to keep up with the orders.

“Certain components used in the Oculus Rift developer kit are no longer being manufactured, meaning they are no longer available to us for production,” the company explained, adding: ”As a result, we don't have the necessary materials to produce additional kits.”

Some stock is still available but the Reddit poster warned that supplies were running out while the company looked for alternative sources for the much needed resources.

“We never expected to sell so many development kits and VR only made this much progress with the community's support and enthusiasm,” the company continued.

“Even though we never wanted to sell out, it's a good problem to have - Thank you!”

Last week, HITC reported on the development of Oculus’ Crystal Cove prototype, which has been developed to combat common virtual reality headaches such as motion sickness and incorporates movement-tracking cameras for more realistic movements in-game.

image: © Oculus VR, Inc.

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