Weapon Shop de Omasse available for 3DS on Nintendo eShop!

Weapon Shop de Omasse Title

Level-5, best known for their games - Professor Layton and Ni No Kuni, have released Weapon Shop de Omasse, a comedic take on classic RPG's.

If you've played any RPG you’ll usually come into contact with a weapons shop at some point during your adventure. In that shop you’ll meet the owner, sell him/her your unwanted weapons, and purchase better weapons and items to improve your character’s equipment. Well, have you ever wondered what it’s all like from the weapon shop owner’s perspective? In Weapon Shop de Omasse you’re given that opportunity, to meet many heroes who are relying on you and your skills as a weapon forger to aid them on their quests.

Originally only released in Japan, as part of the Guild01 compilation of games, it is the fourth and last of the titles to be released on Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America. The game’s creator, Yoshiyuki Hirai, had this to say about the game: “It’s an incredible honour to have my title represent the conclusion of the GUILD series in the West. The core of this game is ‘I’m forging and renting weapons to heroes. Will they be able to bring peace to the world with the weapons I’ve made?!’ Each hero has their own backstory and personal reasons for their quests which means that you need to think carefully about renting out your weapons... but what if you fail to do so? You’ll find out! The contrast between the seriousness of weapon-forging and the eccentric characters is sure to make you laugh, and maybe even stir up some sentiment. I hope you enjoy the game!”

You’ll be forging your weapons for hire in the style of a rhythm game, then renting them out to a varied cast of unconventional heroes. Your choice of what weapons to rent, and to whom, will determine how successful a hero is on their quest and ‘a true masterpiece might end up saving the world!,’ say the developers. Perhaps you could craft the new Masamune, or Buster Sword! Yes, I’m a Final Fantasy fan…! I’d love to get my hands on this myself, but alas I’m yet to own a 3DS, so let me know what it’s like, OK!?

Treat yourself to some screenshots and the trailer below, and feast your eyes on the J-RPG splendour!

Weapon Shop De Omasse 2Customs took his weapon... forge him a sharp piece of metal, fast!

Weapon Shop De Omasse 4Rhythm crafting action!

Weapon Shop De Omasse 5Super shiny weapon crafted, good job!

Weapon Shop de Omasse is available in Europe and North America on the Nintendo eShop now, for the Nintendo 3DS, and prices at $7.99 / €7.99 / ₤7.19

Are you a fan of RPGs? Have you played Weapon Shop de Omasse? Let us know in the comments below!

image: © LEVEL-5 Inc.


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