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Donkey kong

The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC, PS3

The Last Of Us was a dark, frightening and believable end-of-humanity simulator, brought to life by characters you actually cared about. Left Behind fills in extra events near the end of the game, mixed with flashbacks to some of heroine Ellie's formative moments in an abandoned shopping mall with her BFF. Playing as Ellie, as opposed to the burlier and more heavily armed Joel, always makes you feel more vulnerable; and in this DLC, using the groaning, shrieking infected as weapons against the survivor gangs trying to pick you off is an essential tactic. There's only two or three hours of extra story, but it's a rich and memorable experience.

Sony, £11.99

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii U

Although Mario and his ape nemesis both debuted in the original Donkey Kong arcade machine, their paths diverged; Mario becoming a kite mark for quality, while Donkey Kong's CV is a lot more mixed. Tropical Freeze is a pretty 2D platform game, its occasionally snow-covered swaying jungle foliage, azure seas and jolly, partially clothed gorillas a pleasant antidote to the blue-grey visions of the apocalypse continually foisted on PlayStation and Xbox owners. Visuals aside, this has none of Mario's invention, settling for the genre's familiar collecting, head-hopping conventions.

Nintendo, £32.99

Eliss Infinity, iOS

Like a dynamic 21st-century game of Twister played only with fingers and thumbs, Eliss starts with deceptive simplicity. It works by dragging coloured pills onto matching wavy holes before their time limits expire. If you manage it, they both disappear and you score a point, but if you touch pills of a different colour, an energy bar at the top of the screen gets eroded. Soon things get more complex with black holes appearing. It's an increasing test of dexterity that demands more fingers as you go along.

Steph Thirion, £1.99

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