Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Edition due to hit PC

Resident Evil 4 PC 1

One of the highest rated games of all time now comes to us in glorious HD form on PC!

Yesterday Capcom announced the ultimate HD edition of Resident Evil 4, for download via Steam worldwide, and as a retail version in Europe. In addition to the announcement, you can pre-purchase the game over on Steam, and with that you will receive a 62 track digital music album and an 80+ page digital archive featuring Resident Evil 4 characters, creatures, story, concept art, and more.

With the game being on Steam, it will of course feature full Steam support – with Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, leaderboards, and full game controller compatibility.

Resident Evil 4 sees you playing as special agent Leon S. Kennedy, sent on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter who’s been kidnapped. His mission takes him to rural Europe where he faces enemies that aren’t your usual shuffle-paced zombies, and a cult called Los Illuminados which is behind the kidnapping and some not-so-friendly mind-controlled villagers.

Take a look at a few screenshots and the trailer below.

RE4PC Announcement Screen 06 1390215976Porcupine man wasn't the most well-known of the X-Men.

RE4PC Announcement Screen 10 1390215987The walking-shield only wanted to be one of the boys...

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Edition will be available on 28 February 2014 for $19.99/€19.99/£14.99. And you can pre-purchase it now over on Steam.

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image: © Capcom

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