Second Chance Heroes: Fight the apocalypse of the absurd

Second Chance Heroes

.Play famous figures from history as you’ve never seen them before on your iPhone and iPad

"Made weak by over-exposure to kitten videos, reality TV and ironic photos of bacon, the citizens of the modern world are entirely unprepared when the end of the world arrives!"

The only hope for humankind lies in our past. Choose your character from a selection of famous historical figures and jump right into the action.

Second Chance Heroes sees history's greats with some amusing new powers; Leonardo Da Vinci in full wooden mech-suit, Marie Curie shooting atomic beams from her eyes and Queen Elizabeth I packing a souped-up chain-gun to name a few.

Each character has varying ranges and effects to their abilities and through in-game experience they can be upgraded to suit your preferred play style. They are also suitably fresh and wacky in appeal.

Play up to three player co-op in a series of fast-paced, arcade style dungeon runs fighting off some weird and wonderful apocalyptic nasties including sentient cheeseburgers.

The game is free to download for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or higher and will allow players to buy upgrades and character unlocks in game.

This debut game release from Canadian based Rocket City Studies gives a zany new take on the dungeon crawling genre making grouping dynamics less about complimenting class strategies and more about all out slaughter.

image: © Rocket City Studios Inc.

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