New Google Maps update, more like satnav with extra adverts

Google’s new Maps web app will incorporate more information from paid links on screen.

Starting to roll-out this month, Google’s new Maps service offers a lot more to users, "It’s now even easier to plan your next trip, check live traffic conditions, discover what’s happening around town, and learn about a new area." the web giant reports.

The new look Google Maps will allow us to see route information in response to search queries and promises with the integration of recently acquired app Waze to add live traffic updates.

Users will now also be provided with local business information in response to searches from within the Map app, drawing in data from Google +. By doing so Google will be placing more sponsored links directly into the Map in a similar way to how mobile apps pull in advertising.

Given that Google’s ad revenues are in decline due to higher mobile usage leading to lower click through rates, the inclusion of more ads within Maps, a free Google service, shows them attempting to claw back some income.

Google state that the localised search information will allow us to, ‘make smarter decisions’ and naturally have high aspirations as they pursue the ‘perfect map’.

image: © Aaron Parecki