Google urges Glass Explorers to have good manners.

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Are Google Glass early birds giving Glass a bad name?

There’s already campaigns to ban the use of Google Glass and it's imitators in public places .The fear of silent Glass voyeurs recording people in public unknowingly and the wider implications of privacy intrusion are already thorns in Google's side before Glass has launched for consumers.

It seems the Glass Explorers, those who’ve got their hands on Glass early, aren’t helping the cause. In a list of Do’s and Don’ts Google have published for Explorers they’re cautioned to not be, ‘creepy or rude aka a ‘glasshole’’ and that also they should , ‘ask for permission’, before filming people.

‘It’s going to hurt Google if the general public stigmatizes Glass wearers and this mantra for Explorers stands to remind them that they’re out there as ambassadors for their eyewear tech.

Of course people are naturally going to mistrust something they think might be recording them and putting people in front of a camera whether it records them or not will make them act differently.

Could it also be that the Glass experience is so new, shiny and immersive that interference from the real world becomes an annoyance? The list does warn Explorers not to get too sucked in and‘ glass out’, and it’s just common courtesy not to be rude to people.

The fact that the epithet ‘Glasshole’ and the act of ‘glassing out’ have already made it into the Explorer vernacular doesn’t bode well. This said there’s plenty of hype for wearable tech coming out this year and Google Glass enjoys it’s fair portion of interest. How much public disdain will quieten the impact of Glass is yet to be seen.