Fin: The smart ring said to control your gadgets with hand gestures.

Fin Ring

Eye-wear, watches and now jewellery as wearable smart technology hits the mainstream in 2014

The project from Indian based company RHL Vision is riding on the recent success of it’s Indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign.

With the use of optical sensors placed in a ring the Fin can detect swipes and taps made with your fingers and use them to control connected bluetooth-enabled devices. The ring is capable of recognising different gestures and then translating them to different commands.

As an example swipe your thumb along your index finger to turn up the volume on your phone, reversing the same movement to turn it back down again.

RHL Vision headed by 23-year old Rohil Dev has plans for the inclusion of biometrics in future models allowing the ring to recognise different sections of the fingers, magically turning areas of your hands into user-assignable buttons.

The Fin opens up a broad selection of potential uses from replacing your TV remote with your hand to acting as the keys to your car. The ability to control devices with minimal hand movements also makes the Fin look particularly attractive to motorists who would be able to take calls and control the stereo whilst driving without taking their hands off the wheel.

Currently set for release in July the Fin is expected to set you back $120.00 (around £70.00).

Below is the promotional video for it. check it out.


image: © RHL Vision Technologies