Call of Duty: Ghosts customisation DLC out now

Call Of Duty Ghosts

Need more Call of Duty: Ghosts customisation? This new DLC pack gives you all this and more. Read on soldier!

Have you been playing Call of Duty: Ghosts recently and been thinking; ‘Hey, these huge guns and other instruments of destruction are just…well, a little bit too black and grey and I'd love to pimp up my shotgun!’ Well the nice people at Activision have dutifully heard your call by releasing a DLC pack that addresses this and more with a customisation pack for fans to get their hands on.

There is a bit more to it though than just having a rubber duck emblazoned, high velocity assault cannon to play with. Read on COD fans as there are a few more things that comes with the pack.

Apart from the aforementioned rubber duck gun pack there are also a whole host of brand new customisation options for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Along with the weapon Personalisation Packs, you can also now play as one of the Ghosts courtesy of the Special Characters pack or step in to the boots of one the most legendary Call of Duty heroes ever, Capt. Price.

Here’s a full run down of what you’ll get in the pack:

  • Personalisation Packs: Fight in style with the Ducky, Space Cats, Inferno and Circuit Personalisation Packs.
  • Special Characters: Intimidate your enemies as one of the Ghosts. Choose from Keegan, Merrick, Hesh and Elias.
  • Captain Price Legend Pack: Become one of the most legendary Call of Duty heroes of all time with the Capt. Price Special Character and themed Personalisation Pack.
  • Extra Slots Pack: Increase the number of Create-a-Soldier load out slots from 6 to 10 for each character.

How long do you have to wait until you can get your hands on it? well, no time at all as the pack is available via the Call of Duty in-game store now.

Want to see exactly what you get with the new DLC pack then check out the official trailer below;

image: © Activision Publishing, Inc.

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