Salvage, the bass-heavy rhythm game from ex-Guitar/DJ Hero developers


Turn up the volume and use your Windows, iOS or Android touchscreen device to jam along with some hefty dance music tracks

Just announced, rhythm game Salvage will have you tapping and swiping on your touch screen in time to music to avoid obstacles and shoot down baddies. Darting about and blowing stuff up, your actions sync visually with the music in a way that on first impressions looks like it could become incredibly addictive.

A wall-to-wall fest of heavy beats and whomping basslines the soundtrack draws from some big name Dubstep and Drum and Bass producers amongst them Noisia, SKisM and Far Too Loud.

Salvage comes from Mad Felllows a two man team comprising of Dan Horbury and Paul Norris who've collectively worked on DJ Hero, DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero DLC.

Check out the trailer below, you may want to turn the sound down or plug in some headphones if viewing this at work.

image: © Mad Fellows Ltd

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