Thief – Lockdown Mission Playthrough


Garret is up to his old klepto tricks again in this 17 min playthrough video, just for you lovers of all things shiny!

A couple of weeks ago we brought you a 6 min long trailer for Thief - well those peeps over at Eidos Montreal have let loose another hefty dose of Thief action for us to drool over.

After a failed heist, Garrett must return to his hideout inside Stonemarket Clocktower. However, on the way there he spots a jewellery store ripe for the picking, so naturally he takes a peek. The playthrough footage is of the first mission that follows the tutorial in the game, which is the first instance that players will be able to freely test out the gameplay mechanics. You’ll see Garrett traversing ledges and pipes, sneaking over rooftops, and slinking passed guards whilst creating distractions – all of which looks very fluid in motion, especially when darting around corners and behind cover.

Take a look at the video below – the game is running on PC, and it’s definitely looking sharp.

How do you feel about developers showing off so much footage before the game is released? Do you tend to avoid watching it, or can you not get enough? Let us know in the comments below!

images: © Square Enix

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