Microsoft puts temporary price-cut on Ryse XBOX One download


Xbox One launch title 'Ryse: Son of Rome' will temporarily drop in price by $20 as Microsoft test out flash sales.

The move comes in response to feedback with XBox studio cheif Mike Ybarra tweeting, 'Lot(s) of people asked for better deals on our digital marketplace, so we’re testing some'.

Ybarra also highlights how the sale price undercuts the second-hand price for the game disc stating, 'That’s far better than the used price at GameStop and others! Go digital!

The sale is aimed to give gamers an impetus to buy downloaded games and coax them away from the used game market. You can't sell-on or lend a downloaded game to a friend so making the price cheaper for a limited time makes the game more attractive, hopefully sparking a rush of sales.

The flash sale method for digital games has been used by Valve over the years with their Steam Sales proving massively popular. If XBox and Playstation, who had a similar short-term sale last month, march ahead with more future sales they could end up competing with Steam on the download front as they both have an extensive back-catalogue of games at their disposal. 

Ryse: Son of Rome is available to download at the cut-down price of $39.99 (£24.00) from 18th-24th February with a special offer on the DLC starting from 25th February. 


image: © Crytek

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