Flappy Bird Lives on in MMO and Cryptocurrency

Flappy Birds Game Over

Addicts of the frustratingly addictive Flappy Bird can join in on the massively multiplayer game and even mine their own Bitcoin clones.

Flapmmo.com takes the Flappy Bird phenomenon and turns it into a browser based online game where players can not only see the progress of their own birds but also that of scores of other players. The results are a little unsettling as shown in the video below;

The popularity of the game has also led to it's own cryptocurrency, 'FlappyCoin' with two companies vying already for market leadership. Flappycoin Pool has got in on the action early with FlappyCoin.org working to get their project going amidst claims that their FlappyCoin offering will be the real deal.

Despite the game being pulled Flappy Bird looks set to stay, at least until the next bonkers yet compulsive game hits the net. 

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