Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni come closer to reality

OculusRift 2

The virtual reality combo gamers are itching to get their hands on is getting closer to release.

Picking up awards and generating a lot of buzz the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove prototype shown at this years Consumer Electronics Show has gamers calling for a release date.

The latest in virtual reality headsets the Crystal Cove sets out to eradicate problems with motion sickness common with current VR tech. 'Motion Blur' caused by lag as the graphics attempt to catch up with your head movements can cause a seasick sensation. The Crystal Cove uses a new OLED screen able to re-draw images in 30 milliseconds, closer than before to the magic 20 millisecond standard where lag problems are said to stop.

The Crystal Cove has also been fitted with a camera to track points on the face allowing it to capture movements in the upper body as well as the head helping to make for more natural movement. This new functionality could also allow for interaction with the game environment.

The project has gathered interest from the gaming industry with John Carmack, creator of the legendary Doom series joining Oculus' technical team and Valve  providing support in their games.

There's no solid due date for the Crystal Cove as yet but late 2014/early 2015 has been pencilled in. 

To compliment the VR Headset and further immerse gamers in the action the Virtuix Omni, omnidirectional treadmill is currently available for pre-order. Tracking natural walking movements, combining the Omni with a headset will allow games to literally walk through the game world. The Omni will also be able to map keyboard movement commands allowing you to run, walk jump and strafe.

Whilst both Oculus and Virtuix propose wider applications for their kit, there's a clear opening for both companies in the gaming market. Virtuix are even working on their own game TRAVR as a testing ground for integrating the Omni with VR headsets. 

image: © Oculus VR, Inc.

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