Back To The Future 2 style 'Power Laces' could be reality in 2015

According to a quote from Nike designer Tinker Hatfield we should be seeing 'Power Laces' in 2015. The future is nearly here.

Since 1989’s Back to the Future 2 came out the world has been watching and waiting for the fictional technology of 2015 to come a reality.

Whilst we may have to wait beyond 2015 for a Mr Fusion reactor to power a flying Deloreon on food scraps or the iconic Hoverboard that Marty Mcfly used to outsmart Griff Tannen in the famous Hill Valley scene.

It will, fortunately be sooner rather than later for one of the other key technologies to come out and that is the technology behind ‘Power Laces’ which according to a recent report could be here just in time for the films real life anniversary.

The Nike Air Mags worn by Marty Mcfly in the classic movie were actually released by Nike back in 2011. They had a limited edition run of 1,500 pairs which were all auctioned off on eBay to raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

All 1,500 pairs were quickly snapped up, raising nearly six million dollars for the foundations even though there were no ‘Power Laces’; it was near impossible to integrate it in to the shoe back then. It didn’t stop people from buying them as they still lit up and we’re identical to the movie version except the laces.

According to Sole Collector who were at a recent event in New Orleans. Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, the man behind the Air Jordan line of footwear was asked at the event if ‘Power Laces’ were to coming out in 2015. His reply was one that will excite many fans around the world which was; "Are we gonna see Power Laces in 2015? To that, I say yes!,"

So there you have it, the future may be here very soon. If you can’t wait then you can pick up a pair on eBay from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds right now.

image: © Guian Bolisay