Humble Bundle - Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Vote Winners Announced

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The winners have been revealed! Did your vote made it to the Game Jam stage?

The Humble Bundle Amnesia Fortnight 2014 winners have been revealed!

Following on from our Amnesia Fortnight update a couple of days ago, voting is now over, and the winners have been announced.

Your winners are:

Dear Leader



Pendleton Ward's Little Pink Best Buds

Now everyone at Double Fine will be split up and assigned to each of the four winning games, based on their own preference of which game they wish to work on. The games will then be further developed by those good folks, into more fleshed-out games, for anyone who contributes to the event.

You will be able to watch the livestream of the development process and there will also be video updates to look out for too. The Game Jam starts in just under 5 days, so prepare yourselves.

We're interested to see what happens with Steed and Little Pink Best Buds, How about you?

Did any games you voted for win? Which game do you think has the most potential? Let us know in the comments below!

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