A V-Day Solution For Slackers

Four Seasons Park Lane

In a panic 'cause you've made no plans for your girl? No problem. We've got the fix to ensure a sure thing.

First, let's establish something here. We previously mentioned the fact that some women don't care about Valentine's Day.

Should you be among the guys in that lucky situation, make sure it's really the case. Most women, even if they hate the idea of Valentine's Day (despite the fact they're madly in love with you), would love this first suggestion (tonight or any night).

It can be done small or it can be done big, depending on expectation, and it's called Dinner in Bed.

All you have to do is buy the following:

  • Two bottles of champagne
  • One large baguette of French Bread
  • One container of pâté or foie gras (depending on availability & budget)
  • Three selections of cheese
  • One container of ham
  • One jar of good mustard
  • A prepared salad or something similarly green
  • A fun sweet thing (Oreos, Krispy Kreme doughnuts - whatever she loves)
  • A box of chocolates (artisan or M&S, again depending)

And ensure that you use:

  • Champagne flutes
  • Nice napkins
  • Plates (for placement and eating)
  • Proper cutlery

If this is too low-fi for your gal, pick up a gift at lunch, then book a room at The Ritz or The Four Seasons Canary Wharf and picnic on one of their beds.

Either way, you're well placed for a fun, sensual meal for two.

Just make sure the bed is made.