Splashy Fish goes straight to top spot of App store charts

Splashy Fish screen grabs

Out goes Flappy Bird in comes Splashy Fish. It's time for the clones.

Well, you may say. "That didn't take long, did it?". With the demise of the insanely popular and addictive Flappy Bird it would be quite logical that someone somewhere would attempt to emulate the success of the game that pretty much turned the world upside down for a few weeks.

Since its take down it has left a void that hasn't been filled for many. Over the last few days desperate measures and entrepreneurial spirit had joined forces to alleviate the pain of the loss of Flappy Bird that many just couldn't (supposedly) cope with.

You may have heard the rumours of phones and tablets going for huge sums of money just because they had Flappy Bird installed on them. Well it’s true some did, however, this may be short lived as Splashy Fish has now hop, skipped and jumped in to the hot spot of first place in the app store charts.

But what is Splashy Fish I hear you say. Well it’s a game where you use your skills and dexterity to guide your little pixel fish through a series of what I can only surmise as being classic Greek columns positioned at various heights from the top and bottom of the screen with only a small gap to traverse through. You guide your fish by tapping your touch-screen which increases height and when you stop tapping your fish decreases in altitude. All this happens whilst the screen scrolls along at a fair pace. The game potentially goes on forever and so does your score if you’re lucky.

Sound familiar? It should do if you've already played Flappy Bird because it’s well... the same game. It even has similar Super Nintendo style graphics. All you have to do is swap bird for fish, Super Mario World style pipes for Greek columns and that’s about it. Game well and truly back on!

So there you have it, a new kid on the block has arrived to save the day. Don’t worry if this one gets taken down as a Flappy Bird emblazoned Pandora’s Lunch Box has now been opened and there are literally clones coming out every day for most devices including 'Fly Birdie', 'Ironpants' and 'Flappy Bee' which are all currently in the App store top five.

Have fun and remember that you will need to sleep occasionally.

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