Gamers enlisted to aid in fight against cancer


Smartphone game will help scientists in the search for cancer treatments

In collaboration with scientists from Cancer Research, UK developers Guerilla Tea have released a free mobile game that allows for players to analyse large amounts of genetic data as they play.

Entitled Genes in Space the game places you in the employ of 'Bifrost Industries' where your ongoing mission is to harvest clouds of  Element Alpha, a tradeable resource you can use to buy power-ups for you ship.

Luckily Element Alpha is pretty easy to come by especially with the help of your trusty route mapper which you first use to plot a course allowing you to fly through the juiciest clouds of the stuff, sucking it up as you go.

While your doing all this you in turn relay real genetic information back to researchers looking for cures to genetic cancers, 'which would have taken scientists hours to do'. 

To keep the interest going you'll be confronted with asteroids to blow up along the way and can customize your ship to suit your tastes.  

You can currently download Genes in Space for iPhone and Android

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images: © Guerilla Tea

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