LinkedIn scrap iPhone email app

Intro iPhone app abandoned just four months after release

The Intro app supported gmail accounts and allowed for iPhone users on LiinkedIn to embed profile details in emails, but has been a source of worry for security experts since it came out.

Concerns arose from the way Intro diverted the IPhone's mail application to Linked In before it contacted the gmail server, increasing the opportunity for hackers to get at profiles..

Despite defending Intro LinkedIn announced it’s withdraw last week and have provided users with steps to remove the app from their IPhones.

Alongside Intro LinkedIn will also be shutting down the Sidecast audio tool and older versions of it’s mobile apps as they focus on, “a few big bets”.

With LinkedIn reporting growth in its user base and it’s business of selling data to recruiters last quarter there’s a fair indicator of what one of these bets might be.

image: © Nan Palmero