Kinect Sport Rivals – A Sneak Peak At the Island Setting

Kinect Sports

If you're one for playing games using your body as the controller, then take a look at this Kinect-exclusive sports extravaganza!

Take a tour of the Kinect Sports Rivals island, in this video released by Microsoft.

This sneak-preview of the setting and events for Kinect Sports Rivals is narrated by Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb (Director of Programming at Xbox Live), and Louise O’Connor (Rare’s Art Director).

The game will feature sports such as football, climbing, wake racing, and tennis, amongst others. Events won’t take place in stadiums or on set courses, they’re all on and around a tropical island, with huge sky-scraping rock faces, mixed with dense jungle and blue ocean waters.

There is a trial version available for you to download now until March, so you still have a little time to check it out and get some practice in. You’ll be able to test out the wake racing and unlock exclusive in-game rewards before the game’s full release.

Check out the island tour video below.

So many shiny pixels!

Kinect Sports Rivals is due for release in Spring 2014, for Xbox One.

image: © Microsoft

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