Humble Bundle - Amnesia Fortnight 2014 - A Double Fine Production

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Double Fine Productions and Humble Bundle kick-off this years Amnesia Fortnight game jam.

At Here is the City, we love Humble Bundle. You know this. Great games, great causes, great prices.

Yesterday began the countdown to this year’s Amnesia Fortnight. “What’s that!?", I hear you cry. Pull up a seat there, oh eager-to-learn gamer, let me tell you a story. Originally a method of boosting morale within Double Fine Productions, head of the studio Tim Schafer would tell his employees to forget (that explains the name) their current projects and split into four groups. Within those groups they would then be asked to develop a prototype game, to be pitched to the other groups. Many of the games developed within those fortnights eventually made it to full release, such as; Stacking, Costume Quest, and Iron Brigade.

In 2012 another Amnesia Fortnight was held, but this time in conjunction with our beloved Humble Bundle. Punters would pay a minimum of $1 to vote on concept ideas pitched by the folks at Double Fine. Once the voting had ended the developers then expanded on the top 5 vote winners, and created fully-fledged prototypes, all while live-streaming. The prototypes, along with other bonuses, were then made available to people who purchased the bundle,

So, Amnesia Fortnight is back for 2014, and as an added bonus this year, the creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward, will head up one of the teams.

There are some truly great sounding and original concepts to vote on:

HeadlanderA 3rd-person action adventure where you can launch your head from it’s body and land into other bodies to take control of them… it’s got my vote.

Mega Rad Karate Troopers – A Power Rangers inspired turn-based-strategy game

Cat in a BoxA game where you play a cat, and naturally as a cat you love boxes… which are transdimensional portals!

Scavengers League of Legends meets Day Z

Timagotchi – A pet simulator, but you care for a tiny version of Tim Schafer

What Could Go Wrong – A horror game based on 70s and 80s slasher movies

Astro Helmet – A helmet that’s a spaceship. Aliens. Pizza. Where do I vote!?

To see full list of all the concepts, head over to the Amnesia Fortnight 2014 page, and watch the game pitch videos. Once the voting process is complete next week you will be able to watch live-streams and update videos, and get an insight into how the games are made. I watched a similar event last year, The Humble Bundle Mojam 2, and it’s definitely an interesting process. Of course, with all humble bundles, you'll be supporting a worthwhile charity too; Child's Play.

Check out the video below for an entertaining look at what this event is all about.

Watch 'til the end...talking sandwiches!


Alongside all this frivolity, the Humble Weekly Sale brings you some great Double Fine games, including Costume Quest, Psychonauts,and Stacking. Did I mention that we love Humble Bundle here? Oh, I did...?

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