Tottenham fan - Sherwood a nice bloke to go to the pub with, but....

Here's something sent in by a Tottenham fan on the subject of Michael Laudrup now being talked about as a possible Spurs manager.

'I feel Michael Laudrup would have been a wonderful manager for Tottenham. He comes across as an intelligent person, and is clearly somebody who can set up his teams to play good football.

Yes, Laudrup has struggled at Swansea this season, but the club has had a lot of injury problems, and don't have the depth of squad required to compete effectively in the Premier League. Laudrup has helped the club to continue to over-achieve, and has clearly paid the price because of a combination of a run of poor results, and the fact that he is often being tipped to move on to a bigger club.

Sherwood, on the other hand, was an unexpected choice for Tottenham manager, and in my view he looks out of depth in his current role. To be honest I find myself cringing listening to some of his comments - he seems a decent bloke, and he'd no doubt be interesting to chat about football with in a pub; but that's about as far as it goes.

What has saved Tottenham's season isn't Sherwood's tactical genius - it's been bringing Adebayor back into the team. And, sure, Sherwood did have the foresight to bring Ade back, but if the manager thinks Rose is suitable at left full back, and persists in playing Dawson alongside the clueless Walker, then it won't be long before Tottenham are found out. 

But with the squad at Sherwood's disposal that shouldn't be the case. Frankly, the manager struggled badly with the Manchester City game - I found it impossible to understand his tactics and post-match comments. Following the media-driven drivel that often came out of Redknapp's mouth, our Tim appears determined to soar into a league all of his own! Unfortunately, I feel it's been pot luck so far with Sherwood, and am becoming increasingly concerned that our good fortune will soon run out.

In short, I believe Sherwood is deficient in too many ways to be expected to succeed with at a club like Tottenham - that has aspirations to play Champion's League football. Although I clearly wish him well, my big concern is that some of Tottenham's best players will end up jumping ship before Sherwood's time as manager is up'.

73% of Tottenham fans polled want Sherwood, not Laudrup next season

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