Forza Motorsport 5 Update – The Honda Legends Car Pack

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Forza Motorsport 5 blesses Xbox One owners with a free, yes free, DLC pack containing three beautiful Honda cars. Rejoice!

In an update yesterday on the official Forza 5 website, The Honda Legends Car Pack was announced. This free downloadable pack contains a total of 3 Honda cars for you to tune up and race around the tracks. Two of the cars are easily recognisable classics, however the third is the recently-announced 2014 Civic Si:

1994 Honda Prelude Si - The official description from the news page is “Tune up your “Lude” and represent for the Honda fan-boys (and girls) of Forza Motorsport 5.” So if you’re one for tuning up your lude, you’ll no doubt be best pleased that this car is included.

1984 Honda Civic CRX Mugen - The CRX was the car that sparked the partnership between Honda and Mugen, the engine tuner and car parts manufacturer, which later brought forth many Mugen-built Honda concept cars. Know and appreciate history, people.

2014 Honda Civic Si - The 2014 Civic boasts 205 horsepower as standard, but I’m sure after a few races you’ll be splurging your credits getting this baby tuned up, and drifting 90 degrees around hairpins.

 Free DLC is always a plus, especially when it includes beautifully pixelated cars such as these, so fire up your Xbox One and get to the track. What’s that, you don’t believe my ‘beautifully pixelated cars’ statement? Well, handily enough, the good people over at Turn10 Studios (the developers of Forza 5) have put together a showcase video for the pack below.


Set to 1080p, and bib at the ready, you’re going to drool.

Do you own Forza 5? Which is your favourite car from this pack, or the entire game? Let us know in the comments below!

image: © Microsoft

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