People Actually Insure This Stuff

Jennifer Lopez's Bottom

Most of us wish we could do without insurance. But then it's a relief: a car crash, stolen property, a flooded basement, a diminished bottom. Wait. What?

We live in a world where anything, and we do mean anything, can be insured. Although, maybe it’s not so ridiculous if you pay attention to the main tabloid papers where companies like Lloyds are always announcing their new celebrity underwritings (keep an eye on their insurance news blog for more quirky stories). Nevertheless, it is funny to see some of the crazy policies out there. And not just for sports cars, yachts and works of art (although some of these people may like to think of themselves as those).

Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds [$400,000]

You’d think you’d insure your heart when your job is to visit restaurants and eat. Not so for Egon Ronay, the world famous Hungarian food critic. He insured his taste buds for $400,000 because a glowing review from him meant a restaurant could fire up the money printers.

Gene Simmons’s Tongue [$1,000,000]

Revered and reviled for his exuberant lifestyle, the KISS bassist is also renowned for his particularly well-endowed tongue, which he has a policy for to the value of $1,000,000.

America Ferrera’s Smile [$10,000,000]

Is she even all that famous? Ferrera played the lead role in ‘Ugly Betty’, the hit classic set in the heart of New York’s fashion industry. Even though this writer hasn’t heard of her since, she reportedly insured her smile for $10,000,000. Is that for her smile with or without the brace?

Jennifer Lopez’s Posterior [$27,000,000]

She may have been eclipsed by Kim Kardashian, but Jennifer Lopez, the multi-platinum selling musician and actress who is more famed for her rear end than anything else, has an insurance policy for $27,000,000 on her posterior. Meanwhile, in other news, “Jenny from the Block” is just like you and me.

Michael Flatley’s Legs [$47,000,000]

Imagine a world without Riverdance. Neither could Michael Flatley. That’s why he decided to insure his legs for the grand sum of $47 million. No details were revealed on the terms of the policy, i.e. was he insured if he sprained his ankle or did he have to break his leg to get a payout?

Alien Abduction

Yes, you can get insured for alien abduction. Whether the abduction takes places in the Mojave Desert (it’s close to Area 51, so you never know) or some random city anywhere in the world, you can rest assured that as those pesky aliens conduct their tests, you have a policy that will pay out as soon as you make it back down to Earth. Assuming you do, of course.