Dota 2 - New Bloom Festival and Gameplay Update 6.80

Dota 2 Terrorblade

Valve announces a veritable plethora of new content along with some interesting mechanics in the latest Dota 2 update.

If any of you, like me, play Dota 2, then news of updates and/or new Heroes is bound to get you excited. So, when Valve announced the latest event for the game, the New Bloom Festival, it had me eagerly hoping that a new hero would be released. Oh Valve, you have not disappointed… not one, but two new heroes will be added in the next big update.

Terrorblade’; the demon marauder

His abilities are; ‘Reflection’, which creates a double of an enemy which attacks its original whilst slowing their movement; ‘Conjure Image’, summons an illusion of Terroblade, which helps him in battle; ‘Metamorphosis’ switches his melee attack for a ranged one, with increased damage. But, the one ability I’m most looking forward to testing is his ult; ‘Sunder’. Sunder exchanges your health with that of an ally or enemy. Think about it, you’re one -on -one with an enemy who’s chipping away at your health and only needs a couple more hits to finish you off… Hit ‘Sunder’ and his health is switched with yours, leaving you to put him out of his misery.

'Phoenix', an infant son of suns

He also has 4 abilities; ‘Icarus Dive’ sends you forward in an arc, slowing and damaging enemies you hit; ’Fire Spirits’ exchanges some health to summon spirits that can be fired at your foes, dealing damage over time; ‘Sun Ray’ damages enemies, but heals allies. His ult, ‘Supernova’, sounds interesting. The official description is: ‘Become a core of fusing energy that burns nearby enemies which, if allowed to detonate, will stun foes and renew your strength’. This sounds like you may give off Radiance-like damage, which then explodes to inflict additional damage and stun enemies, and possibly leave you fully healed with maximum mana. If it’s what I think it is, it could be fun to play around with.

The New Bloom Festival event itself brings a lot of new content all centred round an oriental-style theme. It includes item sets designed by the Dota Community in the Dota Workshop. A new ‘Random Ability Draft’ mode, in which each player is given a random hero whose abilities are placed into a pool. Players will then take turns to choose which abilities their hero will have – this will make matches incredibly unpredictable, and in turn, more fun!

The announcements also refer to the Year Beast, which sounds like it could be a boss-like enemy who randomly appears during matches, prompting you and your team to try and defeat it using specific items or event-items crafted to fight the creature. Once defeated you could gain materials used to create ‘unique armaments’.

Of course with such a huge update comes the inevitable tweaks to heroes and item balancing. Has your favourite hero been nerfed beyond all hope? Even Roshan has been given a boost!

It would appear that the update is currently on the Dota 2 test client.

Are you looking forward to the update? Are there any changes you’re not happy about? Let us know in the comments below!

image: © Dota 2

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